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The centre, which does wonderful work on so many women’s issues, has been able to buy premises at 25 Wolsey Mews, across from where it has been since 1996.

They’re celebrating the building, and the 80th Birthday of the organisation’s founder, Selma James, at 25 Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town
London NW5 2DX (Level access to ground floor – wheelchair accessible loo nearby), on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30.

They’re also launching a building fund A huge £200,000+ is needed for major repairs and to make the new Centre green and accessible for all. The celebration is at the new building so everyone can see what work is being planned.

I’ll certainly be there (once I’ve escaped a King’s Cross council consultation in the morning!)


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Our Kentish town byelection candidate visited Montpelier nursery last Friday to see their building and plans for the re-development using a grant of roughly £350,000 to re-build the nursery from scratch.

Naomi said:

“The Green Party fully endorses the work about to be done at Montpelier nursery and its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The children and staff have been using a building that is highly inefficient in saving energy and was in desperate need of an overhall.

Naomi AptowitzerIts new plans for an eco-refit include an eco-roof that traps sunlight in winter but tilts to keep it cool in summer, water butts to collect rain water, solar panels for water heating, and a recycling area that will be a first in Camden. Seeing investment going into publicly used buildings gives hope to the importance of reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change. The scheme has seen help come from parents who have donated their time to design the eco-building from scratch.

I am excited for the children, parents and staff. An excellent extra is that Montpelier has totally included the children in the whole process, asking their ideas on the design, and encouraging them to create models of their new nursery. It gives me hope to see young children engaging in the Green agenda by making a recycled house out of recycled cereal boxes teaches them early on the benefits of reusing materials and reducing waste. The children made a replica of their new nursery out of recycled cereal boxes with their own designs. One child said of the new building..he wanted a Lion in it!”

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naomi aptowitzer … seen around Kentish Town last week and on the weekend, byelection candidate Naomi Aptowitzer has an explanation:

“A special extra thank you to fancy dress outlet Escapde, for the use of their polar bear outfit for the our Green Party schools tour. ‘Tommy’ the Polar Bear has brought cheer and joy to many children up and down Kentish Town and has played an important role in raising local awareness of Green issues and linking them to international issues such as global warming.”

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“People’s Question Time” is being held in Camden on November 2. It is a chance to quiz Boris Johnson, Dee Doocey, Chair of the London Assembly and Brian Coleman, London Assembly Member for Barnet & Camden.

Issues identified for discussion including policing, transport and the Olympics, but other topics can also be raised.

You can book online or call 020 7983 4762.

The website doesn’t actually give a time, but it is thought to be 7-9pm.

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Camden Conservatives have been distributing leaflets for the Kentish town by-election with the title “Islington to run our borough”. Even by the standards of Camden Tory Party, this is a remarkably misleading headline.

Far from an Islington takeover of Camden, the plan the leaflet attacks sharing a handful of highly paid staff between boroughs will save cash (that doesn’t mean, however that we accept that 45!! staff should be paid more than £100,000 a year).

The Lib Dem-Tory government is insisting on a round of public sector cuts that will undermine services and put people onto the dole queues at the very time when residents need their services the most. To oppose anything that cuts administrative costs is hypocritical – though it is no surprise that local Tories are horrified by the idea of hitting the well off first and would prefer those cuts to hit the most vulnerable.

Other efficiency savings that Camden Council could make are laid out in our energy plan which could see Camden save taxpayers’ money while actually creating jobs, making us more energy efficient and ecologically sustainable.

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