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Council’s development committee is considering the application from the UKCMRI consortium to build a medical research lab on the Brill Place site, behind the British Library, at a meeting on Thursday, December 16, from 7pm at the Town Hall.

Local group SPA is organising a protest against the proposal. More on that on its site.

Here’s a video exploring the issues…


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By Natalie Bennett

Members of our neighbouring Green Party, Haringey, gathered yesterday underneath Crouch End’s iconic clock tower, alongside community groups and activists, protesting outside Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone’s surgery.

And I went over to show support, and see how they do things over there – nice range of placards I thought!

She’s been attracting quite a bit of attention lately, having also been the target of an NUS protest also this week.

And as Haringey Green Party members Sarah Cope makes clear in this short clip, there’s a good reason for that – as Equalities Minister, Featherstone is particularly culpable for this government’s actions.

Judging from the size of the protest, and the reactions of passers-by, Featherstone should certainly be thinking about her next career, since she won’t be re-elected as an MP here.

(Also see Sarah’s own report.)

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It’s tricky to police a major protest. The Met have a tough job. Lost in a huge crowd of people exercising their absolute right to peaceful protest, are a tiny number of people exercising their idiotic urges to smash stuff.

Kettling innocent people is not the answer. It is a surefire way of destroying trust between police and protesters, it gives moral authority to the troublemakers and, above all, it is a denial of the right to protest, a fundamental, essential part of a functioning democracy.

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A huge turnout this bitterly cold evening for the anti-cuts protest marking Camden council’s cabinet budget meeting.

Some 500 people were packed on both sides of the pavement outside the Council chambers. There were many young protesters – among them big turnouts of users passionately seeking to defend the Winch (a project with a fascinating history), Plot 10 (in Somers Town), Fortune Green Play Centre, and Three Acres Play Service (some of whom were a dab hand at the megaphone).

save play

Green Party Cllr Maya de Souza addressed the crowd. She vowed locally to particularly defend services for the most vulnerable in our community, including the young, the old and those suffering from mental illness.

The Green Party nationally is fighting hard against the cuts.

And many young protesters had a simple message for the council…

More pictures below the fold…

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