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by Natalie Bennett

Chilled fingers but warm atmosphere this morning at the excellent demonstration against Nadine Dorries’s Sex Education (Required Content) Bill, which called for abstinence-only sex education for girls – but not boys.

My general thoughts on this are elsewhere, but I’ve been reflecting since on the words of Kate Smurthwaite of Abortion Rights (interviewed here), that we had to recognise that while Dorries is frequently an apparent figure of fun, both so fanatical and extreme, and so inept, as to not to seem a serious threat, the fact is that she’s useful cover for rather more controlled but equally dangerous and disturbing figures behind her who want to achieve much the same goals, of regarding women as the sexual gatekeepers, whose only appropriate position in bed is lying still on their back thinking of England – in strictly heterosexual, married beds of course.

It’s worth noting that 67 MPS – sixty seven – back the bill on its first reading, which allowed it to get to this stage. The debate can be found <a href = "http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmhansrd/cm110504/debtext/110504-0001.htm#11050491000001">here (and well done to Labour’s Chris Bryant for speaking up in it!)

This is the roll of dishonour, the 67 MPS who voted for the Bill: Peter Aldous, Louise Bagshawe, Harriet Baldwin, Harriett Bebb, Karen Bradley, Julian Brazier, Fiona Bruce, Dan Byles, Alun Cairns, Ronnie Campbell (Lab), William Cash, Christopher Chope, Damian Collins, Tracey Crouch, Philip Davies, Nick de Bois, Nadine Dorries, George Eustice Charlie Elphicke, George Evans, Jonathan Fuller, Roger Gale, James Gray, Matthew Hancock, Matthew Heaton-Harris, John Hemming (Lib Dem), Dmian Hinds, Philip Hollobone, Bernard Jenkin, Gareth Johnson, Marcus Jones, Kwasi Kwarteng, Andrea Leadsom, Jeffrey Lefroy, Peter Lilley, Jonathan Lord, Anne Main, Michael McCann (Lab), Jason McCartney, William McCrea (DU), Anne McIntosh, Stephen McPartland, Stephen Metcalfe, James Morris, Stephen Mosley, David Nuttall, Matthew Offord, Ian Paisley (DU), Neil Parish, Priti Patel, Mark Pawsey, Stephen Phillips, John Redwood, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Andrew Rosindell, Lee Scott, Jim Shannon (DU), Henry Smith, John Stevenson, Bob Stewart, Andrew Turner, Robin Walker, Robert Walter, Mike Weatherley, Craig Whittaker, Gavin Williamson,
Tellers: Brian Binley and Thérèse Coffey.

They’re all Conservatives, unless otherwise marked, and I think a large majority of the new 2010 intake. They bear watching – and should you happen to have the misfortune to live in one of their seats, I’d suggest using your local paper or blog to highlight their vote.

Also worth keeping an eye on the controversial Christian charity Care.


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