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by Natalie Bennett

Congratulations to Fran Heron for last week setting out on the pages of the Camden New Journal, on behalf of Euston Against HS2, the case against this expensive and terribly limited project.

She shows a great deal more sense than Lib Dem chief Tim Farron, whose solution to his party’s national support for the project, in the face of united local opposition, is to suggest to the Camden New Journal “moving the track 100 yards”.

Quite where he thinks it could be moved to – running down Hampstead Road maybe, or dumped on Mornington Crescent Tube – is left unspecified.

It is pleasing that national figures are realising that the destruction of the long-established, well-known Drummond Street curry houses, and the demolition of 216 Camden homes, with 256 more potentially “blighted” – might just be hard to justify.

But still the Green Party is the only national party opposed to this plan. Perhaps the Lib Dems, their members having found their voice on the subject of NHS reforms, might like to go further in recognising the need to oppose this overly costly, environmentally unjustifiable plan.


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