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by Rachel Zatz

The Rocket composting project, which is now called Foodloop, is now back at full speed. Volunteers from the Maiden Lane estate and the local area have taken over the running of this project. We now coordinate weekly food-waste collections and feeding and maintaining  the Rocket.

We are planning to market & sell our nutrient-rich end product – now branded as Plantify – which will eventually be our source of income. We are offering free supplies of this end-product to all volunteers.

We currently do food-waste collections on a Monday, which takes about 60 -90 mins from 9.30am. We ask volunteers to come once a month.

We are hoping to find mainly residents to feed the Rocket, a daily task that takes about 10 minutes.


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With a focus on the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, no bombing of Iran, and the British public’s strong opposition to Trident nuclear missiles…

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by Natalie Bennett

There was much excitement in a packed Kentish Town Community Centre on Saturday when the completed building project was officially opened.

The line-up of buggies outside looked like it was competing for a Guiness World Record, and inside many of their usual occupants were hard at play in the walled garden as their parents listened to the speeches inside the spacious, airy main hall.

Tribute were paid particularly to the staff who had stayed through the temporary move to Greenwood Place and back, and Cathy Crawford, the Chair of Centre, pointed out particularly to the politicians present (including Camden’s mayor, Abdul Quadir, whose chain proved a great attraction with the younger set, and local MP Frank Dobson) how the centre had listened to its users in designing its new shape, and how successful that listening had been in its growth in recent years.
Upstairs was a fine selection of artwork, including Kim Cunningham’s Portrait of a (London) village, a telling series of portraits of local people, and Jason Shenai’s hyper-real photos of local shops.

Pleasingly, the centre is committed to using china plates and proper cutlery, not disposables, and to that end has acquired two dishwashers, one from that excellent recycling source eBay, so that they can manage the flow. They were doing an admirable job keeping up with demand on Saturday – as a fine selection of finger food was whoofed down at great speed.

Anyone looking to get involved might want to look to the gardening club, meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month from 10-12. A fine board display discussed possibilities – from a haybale permaculture version to raised beds for wheelchair gardeners.

Part of the crowd at the opening.

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The Green Party’s Jenny Jones has won 5.3% of the first choice mayoral votes and 22.9% of the second choice votes in Camden and Barnet.

In the London member (proportional) vote, on the orange ballot paper, 10% of Camden and Barnet voters made us their choice, helping to return Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson to the London Assembly.

In the Camden and Barnet constituency vote, Audrey Poppy colllected 10.7% of the vote. (And Tory sitting member Brian Coleman was displaced by Labour’s Andrew Dismore.)

Thank you to the at least 28% of residents who gave us at least one of your votes! And to everyone who helped with the campaign – delivering leaflets, addressing envelopes, or putting up a “Vote Green” poster.

And across London, and in Camden and Barnet, the Green Party finished third in the mayoral and London list votes (and in Camden and Barnet also, clearly, in the constituency vote), making us now clearly the third party at the London level.

(A more detailed breakdown of the vote, which will give Camden figures, will be available next week.)

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