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mayabedroomtaxCamden Greens last night called for a debate tonight at Full Council on a motion urging  action by the Council to protest against the bedroom tax by making a clear statement that it won’t evict for this reason.

Cllr Maya de Souza went into the meeting still seeking a seconder for a motion that also called for further resistance to the government’s attack on the poor. Full details here.

This demand was supported by Camden United for Benefit Justice, with members presenting a passionate delegation to the meeting.

At the last minute, Cllr Rahel Bokth, a Lib Dem, agreed to second it.

But the Council did not get beyond first motion, so there was no a chance to debate it.

The Mayor,  Jonathan Simpson,  and Cabinet Member for Finance, Theo Blackwell, intimated that they would agree to debate and proper discussion of options through a scrutiny committee.

Greens will continue to push for a special Full Council meeting on welfare reform, but acknowledge  that an evidence-gathering session and debate through scrutiny would be a step forward.


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