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By Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader and Camden resident

A letter in last week’s Ham and High from Anton Harding on behalf of Royal Mail illustrates effectively how we don’t want this service to operate, as a business.

We don’t want something “flexible and fleet-of-foot”, that’s what’s given us a steadily diminishing number of deliveries in recent years, arriving later, all too often delivered by casual workers who understandably struggle in Camden with complicated layouts of council estates and ancient Zone 1 street layouts, where once a regular deliverer knew their own patch like the back of their hand.

Privatisation is a failed model. We know from the long trail of disasters, from G4S to A4E to Atos to Harmoni, that outsourcing our public services puts public funds straight into private profits, cuts the pay and condition of workers and reduces the quality of service to the public.

This is an essential public service just like our water supplies, electricity etc. And just like those, it is a natural monopoly – it’s clearly nonsensical for several different companies to make the same rounds of streets and boroughs every day.

We all know how badly privatising water, gas and electricity has worked out. Let’s not make the same mistake with the mail.


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