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by Natalie Bennett

It’s good to know that the supermarkets and big food companies have promised under the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal.

But a bit puzzling to see how the displays at the front of the Sainsbury’s near Mornington Crescent Tube on Camden High Street fit in with this new responsibility on unhealthy food and alcohol.

On one side, chocolates, crisps, fizzy drinks, and a bit of wine…

On the other side, lots more wine and beer…

All sold not on the basis of quality or taste, but on how many calories/how much alcohol you get for your pound.

That’s the same Sainsbury’s whose major advertising campaign was banned as misleading.


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We’ve had a lovely weekend at what was Camden Green Fair – although this year it has had a well deserved promotion to London’s Green Fair no less.

Large numbers of attendees came to Regent’s Park and enjoyed the fair in the baking sun most of yesterday and in, well, more varied weather conditions today. The Green Party had a stall as usual with quite a few of the local activists helping out through the weekend.

It’s good to see so many people interested in green ideas and wanting to make a positive difference to their community and planet. It’s also good to see the great variety of ways people are finding to make their own little difference to the world. We certainly don’t agree on everything but we certainly all agree that we need to get active for change and that we need to focus on the practical steps weneed to take.

Lots of people, lots of sun

Green Party activists hard at work at the fair

Jenny Jones, Ken Livingstone and others regale us with their thoughts

A cycle powered gig taking place

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Online at the No 10 petition site, a call to stop the planned sell-offs of the Crown Estate housing in London.

There’s great cause for concern about the potential impact the sale could have on provision of affordable housing in Regent’s Park, and all of the other areas concerned.

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After I wrote this letter to the local papers about the lights being left on in the empty for-lease office blocks on the corner of Osnaburgh St and Euston Road, I also wrote to Mr James Danby of British Land about the waste of electricity.

He wrote back to me, to give him credit, quickly and courteously, and said this was not the normal, explaining one of the times that I identified as being when prospective tenants were being shown around the building.

I don’t go past the office that often, so this is a request: if you do go past them at any time and see all of the lights on, please leave a comment here or send me an email, so I can check with Mr Danby about this.

And I’d also be interested in hearing of other blocks in Holborn and St Pancras where large numbers of office lights are being left on when they clearly are not in use.

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The mood tonight at the public meeting of the Keep Our NHS Public group in Regents Park was celebratory – after their victory over NHS Camden, which bowed before its legal action in putting on hold plans for a GP-led health centre on Hampstead Road, and on an alternative plan, as detailed in the Camden New Journal.

Dr Marta Buszewicz, chair of the local medical council, told the meeting that it was now important for campaigners, doctors and patients to put effort into thinking about what services they did want, and what choices they wanted to see resources put into.

The meeting agreed (unanimously so far as I could see) to join the fight against the closure of the Whittington Hospital A&E, and attendees were encouraged to go to the public meeting on the issue on December 9 at 7pm, to be held at the Methodist Central Hall, Archway Close.

There was also discussion of a list of question on the NHS to be put to candidates in the general and local elections next year. Should be interesting to see the results!

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