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by Charlie Kiss

Camden Council has received an application to hold an Irish music festival in Grange Park, Kilburn, from July 26 to August 12, when the Olympic Games are being held. This would be fine and welcomed by many people in Kilburn if this was a standard weekend festival, but to have a music festival for 18 days is excessive.

It seems like a blatant attempt to make as much money as possible from visitors to London during the Games, and there has been little thought about how this will affect the lives of local residents.

Grange Park is very small and not well know outside of the local area but it is immensely enjoyed by local people. Jogging, playing tennis, children playing, relaxing; there are not many green spaces in Kilburn but this is one and it is a treasured.

To have this park inundated by up to 5,000 people will place considerable strain on such a small area. Not to mention the noise late into the night. (With a licence up to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays!)

This will affect other people living and working in other areas around Kilburn as well of course.

To have your say about the plan write to the licensing team at:
Camden Town Hall Extension
Argyle Street
or visit: http://www.camden.gov.uk/licensing
and search for ref: APP\PREMISES-NEW01117



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